Six brilliant combinations of chocolates, sours, jellies and more!


If there's one thing we know, its lollies! Let us help you choose. Our SIX drool-worthy ready-mix combinations are perfect for gifting.

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Classic mix of Strawberries and Cream, Jubes, Teeth, Raspberries, Spearmint Leaves, Jelly Babies + more

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All sour mix of sour worms, sour bears, fizzy watermelon slices, sour straps + other zingy lollies!

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A Chocoholic Dream with Smarties, Freckles, Chocolate Buds, Chocolate Bullets and Chocolate Honeycombs.

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Squidgy mix of gummies with cola bottles, gummy bears gummy bricks and gummies in all shapes and sizes.

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Fun mix for kids or kid-ults alike with teeth, jelly beans, snakes, pineapples, watermelon slices and grubs.

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You can't beat a classic jar of jelly beans in all of the flavours of the rainbow.

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Whether you know a certified choca-holic, or a gummy-bear-bandit, or even a sours-sucker, our lolly and chocolate combinations have been perfectly curated to guarantee deliciousness, and of course, happiness!

Wish them Happy Birthday with a gift of classic favourites, Love you with a Chocoholic jar, Thankyou to a teacher with the Kidz Fun mix; guaranteed to bring smiles!