Make someone's day with a sweet lolly jar filled with love!


We’ll admit it. We’re partial to a sweet treat. We’re craving gummies, sours, caramels and chocolates! Yep, we’re downright sugar-fiends.
And if you know someone who is too, then you’ve just found the perfect gift solution, because you can't eat flowers! LollyMail came to life in 2013, when our founder Rachel, self-confessed sweet-tooth and chocaholic, started a small online confectionery gifting site.

Rachel loved sending thoughtful and playful gifts. She knew no-one wanted another generic pickles-and-biscuits-hamper. That nothing says, “I have no idea” more than a store gift card. And that another bunch of roses that didn’t last the week was, well, weak! So, she started creating personalised lolly jars filled with a careful selection of childhood classics, eye watering sours, chocolate favorites and gummies of all shapes and sizes, to send as gifts. How sweet is that?

Now with LollyMail you can create the perfect gift of specially chosen lollies in beautifully presented lolly jars to send to friends, family and loved ones, for any occasion. Whether it’s a get well, thinking of you, happy birthday, thank you, or even, I’m sorry, a jar of their favourite lollies is sure to bring a happy smile to kids and kid-ults alike.We hope you enjoy creating and sending your special someone, something rather special.

Here at LollyMail, we’re all about being thoughtful, having fun, and remembering that life is short, so let’s fill it with all kinds of sweet! Afterall, small gestures can bring big smiles.

To get in contact wiht us here at Lollymail, head to the Contact Us, page.