End of year Teacher's Thankyou Gifts!

There is certainly never a bad time of year to give your teacher an appreciation thankyou gift. Our teachers are people that work day in and day out to make our children the best little people they can be. They keep our kids safe, educated and sometimes even entertained.

It’s end of year and time for award ceremonies, the perfect time to give your child’s teacher a boost to their end of ear with these thoughtful gifts to say thankyou for their hard work all year.

Whether your kids finishing off high school, primary school, or even kindergarten, here are our picks for the best back-to-school gifts for teachers.

Funky Stationery

 Okay, before you start yawing, hear us out. Just like you’re your secret stash of coloured post it notes and stickers, teachers can never have enough cool stationery! And while textas, highlighters, post-it-notes, paper clips, glue and tissues may not seem incredibly exciting on their own, you can get creative with an awesome stationery hamper.

There are some great custom cards you can download online or simply go to canva to create a personalised – Thankyou card to slip into your hamper. Add some decorative flair to your thankyou gift with some coloured ribbon. A perfect way to add a personal touch to a very practical, and popular gift!

Potted plants

Plants do wonders to any environment, what a better way than a beautiful grounded plant perfect for their desk. Not only is this a beautiful and calming decoration, it’s a fun way to get creative and paint the pot to match their personality. A great way to also get your child involved for that extra personal gifting touch.

Teacher Care Package

Newsflash – teachers can be stressed out a the end of year, a perfect gifting opportunity for a care package box to help them get through to Christmas! Help them chillax with a box of needed gifts. We love a beautiful basket styled with some snacks, Epsom bath salts, stress balls and also a sneaky bottle of wine hidden in there. You can even throw in a few chokkies as a bonus for that finishing touch!

Lolly Mail Jar of their favs!

Tissues and plants are great, but sometimes a teacher just needs a little sugar boost to get through the day. Give them just what actually wanted with a personalised lolly mail jar with their favourites. Gift a jar of smooth chocolate, sweet lollies or some sour chewies, delivered direct to their school. The perfect surprise gift delivery!

Whether you go for something practical, totally indulgent, or a little of both, end the school year with a beautiful thank you gift for that special teacher. After all, we lasted another school year!


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