Valentine's Day Gifts Delivered

What is a unique Valentine’s Day gift?

A unique valentine’s day gift is thoughtful, light and potentially quite funny. Deliver a gift that makes them smile from cute ‘in jokes’ to a sentimental message from the heart. Surprise your special someone with creative and unique gift made with love, personalised with their a selection of their favourite lollies and chocolates! Feb 14th marks the date so order ahead so you don’t forget and select your preferred delivery date! Our customised Lolly Mail jars are perfect for your bae, boyfriend, husband… all guaranteed to put a huge smile on his face. For the special lady in your life, a jar of the Chocoholic is perfect as a gift for women, gifts for girlfriends to give to your friends that are gals! Fun for a friend-a-versary!

Valentine's Day Gifts Delivered

What is a good personalized Valentine’s Day gift?

Our personalised lolly Mail gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day, they show the that special someone that you’ve thought of them. Let them know they’re kinda cool, awesome and certainly deserving of something unique, not just a bear and flowers kind of traditional gift. Just like your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend our chocolate gifts and lolly gifts are one of a kind, we even personalise a Valentine’s Day card for you!  Deliver a gift they won’t forget!... and to get you in their good books….

Select hearts to show them your love from Sour Peach Hearts, Conversation Hearts to Triple Fizzy hearts... yum!

Sending a note with your Valentine’s gifts? Here's some inspiration:

  • Happy Valentine's Day! Sweets for my Sweet!
  • Something as sweet as you, Happy Valentine's Day.
  • Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest girl in the world – Love you!

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