Top 3 Reasons to Send a Chocolate Delivery

Looking for chocolate delivery to meet that fix or special gift? We are located in the heart of Brisbane and will deliver directly to your special someone’s door, all over Australia.  

Did you fall off the gifting wagon this year? Forgot someone’s birthday, you’d like to say Thank You for your colleagues hard work or simply share the holiday cheer?

Don’t despair, we’ve got your back. Need a quick, yet personalised gift, we’ll can make you look like a superstar.

November and December is such a crazy busy time in our line of business and so many other businesses too – with just a few clicks, we can have your gifts out to your friends, colleagues, staff or relatives, and deliver them a smile.

Here are our top 3 reasons why a personalised lolly jar is the best gift to send:

Your gift deserves to stand out and deliver smiles!

Our jars are colourful and delivered in a glossy Lolly Mail branded box build their anticipation and excitement. Fear not, our gifts don’t look like boring stationery…

We’re personalised.

Chocolate Delivery of Gifts

Seriously, we don’t think we can take another stale crackers and quince paste hamper. Our large share jars are the perfect way to share the end of year cheer.

They won’t exchange your gift.

The highest exchanged gifts for the year take place during the festive season. No more socks or sweaters, your gift lolly jar will sit on their kitchen bench or desk at work and be adorned by all the passers-by – after all, who can resist sneaking some from the lolly jar!

Our gifting process is simple to build your own personalised jar. Simply pick your jar size, select your lollies and chocolate for the filling and write on your personalised card. Voila – take care of the rest and ship off your gift promptly.


For lolly and chocolate delivery, Lolly Mail is Australia’s preferred gifting solution!

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