We're changing the world... one smile at a time

A lot of companies say they are "making the world a better place”, but here at Lolly Mail, we are providing our customers smiles, laughs and sweet goodness.. making the world just a littke bit brighter! 

There is nothing better than delivering one of our lolly jars to a lucky customer and seeing their face light up with excitement. I recently dropped off several jars to teachers at a local school and I was greeted by some smiles and envious looks!  As I gave everyone their lolly jars and their look on their face was utter pride and apperciation. You could tell how special they felt and the “look what I got” spread around the staff room. 

It was then we realised the sheer joy we were delivering and want to bring more happiness to many more people. Share the love and let us know who deserves to receive some Lolly Mail today!

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